Australian Folk Songs
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Index - 400 Songs and Poems

A Carpenters Lament (1890)
A Cane-Cutter's Song (1911)
A Digger's Lament (1919)
A Digger's Lament (1922)
A Miner's Lament (1910)
A Most Approved Address (1859)
A New Chum's Lament (1874)
A Pioneer's Song (1901)
A Processional Hymn (1887)
A Rebel's Song (1916)
A Shearer's Dream (1895)
A Shearing Song (1903)
A Shearer's Song (1902)
A Sister's Love (1881)
A Song For The Season (1863)
A Song of 1891
A Spray Of Shamrock (1909)
A Squatter's Diary
A Street Ballad (1870)
A Thousand Mile Away
A Visit to the Gold Field (1870)
A Wandering Digger's Lament (1860)
A War Song (1892)
A Wool-Shed Rhyme (1929)
A Wool Winder's Lament (1880)
Across the Western Plains (1905)
Across the Western Plains
The Aftermath (1927)
The Auld Songs - An Exile's Song (1897)
An Old-Time Champion Shearer (1915)
Another Fall of Rain
The Arctic Voyagers, Or Lady Franklin's
Lament For Her Husband
At Waterloo (1900)
The Australian Shepherd (1902)
Australia's on the Wallaby (1893)
Australia's on the Wallaby
Australian Hymn Of Freedom
The Bagman and the Mug (1900)
The Ballad Of Bob Marhoney
The Ballad of 1891
Banks of the Condamine
Banks of the Condamine
[Horse-breaking version]
Banks of the Riverine
The Bare Belled Ewe (1891)
Ben Hall - How He Died (1911)
Ben Hall
The Biggest Tally (1901)
Bill, the Bullock Driver (1876)
Billy Barlow in Australia
Billy Barlow in Cobar (1902)
Black Velvet Band
Bloke in the Jacky Howe
Bluey Brink
The Bold Jack Donohoe (1903)
Bold Jack Donohue
Bold Tommy Payne
Botany Bay
Botany Bay 2
Bound for South Australia
The Boys Of Ireland (1866)
Brace's Poling Pair (1898)
Brisbane Ladies
Broken-down Squatter
The Brolga's Laugh
The Bullock Dray [original version]
The Bullock Driver (1874)
Bullockies Song
Bullockies' Ball
Bullocky Oh
Bulls of the Speewah
The Bummer's Song (1902)
Bump me into Parliament
Bump me into Parliament (2)
The Burra Mine [1880]
The 'Burra's Spud Digger's Spree
The Bushman's Home (1870)
The Bushman's Song [1870]
Bushranger Gilbert's Song
The Button That He Wore
The Call of the North
The Camp Fire
The Cane Cutter (1914)
Cane Cutter's Lament
The Click of the Shears
Click go the Shears (1891)
Click go the Shears (1939)
Click go the Shears (1939)
Click go the Shears (1946)
Clifton Miners' Song
The Cockatoo Digger (1898)
Cockies of Bungaree
Cockies of Bungaree 2
Cockies of Bungaree (1946)
Codfish Shanty
The Colliers' Strike Song (1885)
Convict Maid
The Corn Law Rhymes (1833)
Cyprus Brig
The Cyprus
Dalby Ram
Dandy Dick the Drover (1898)
The Daydawn of Labor
The Dear Native Girl
Dearest Lassie O ! (1836)
Death of Ned Kelly
The Death Feast
The Deep Sea Sailor's Lament (1905)
Dennis O'Reilly
The Diggers' Dirge
Do you think that I do not know?
Doing Time
Dosser Doyle
The Down And Out (1942)
The Drover (1894)
The Drover (1929)
The Drover's Dream (1872)
The Drover's Lament For His Dog (1886)
The Drover's Song (1950)
The Drover's Dream
Dunn, Gilbert, and Ben Hall 1903
Dunn Gilbert, and Ben Hall (1903)
Dunn, Gilbert, and Ben Hall (1911)
Dying Fettler
Dying Stockman
Election Song (1843)
Election Time (1898)
Electors Vote For King (1870)
The Emigrant's Song (1853)
Euabalong Ball
Eugowra Rocks
Euroa V. Seymour (1879)

The Evolution of the Shearer
The Exile's Farewell (1846)
The Exile's Song (1841)
Farewell to Greta
Farewell To Prison Walls (1893)
Female Rambling Sailor
Female Transport
The Fenian Charter Song (1867)
Fenian Songs (1866)
The Fenians' Rescue
The Fine Old Queensland Squatter
Five and a Zack
Flash Jack from Gundagai
Flash Stockman
The Flood of Haunted Creek (1928)
The Folk I Knew "Out Back" (1924)
For the Fields (A Digger's Ballad)
Four Little Johnny Cakes
Frank Gardiner
Freedom on the Wallaby
The Gallows Tree
Girls of the Shamrock Shore
The Glendonbrook Road (1906)
God Save the People
The Green Flag, By The Stars (1866)
Great Northern Line
Gumtree Canoe
The Gundagai Calamity (1852)
Hang The Man Who Works) (1905
The Homebush Races of 1848
How I Took the Bait
Hurrah! for the Trial by Jury (1835)
I Realised I'd Got The Sack (1928)
I Didn't Raise My Son To Be A Soldier
The Immortal Dog (1922)
Inconvenient To Be Poor (1894)
Indicating Rock
Inglewood Cocky
Irish Country Song (1912)
Jack the Ringer (1895)
Jim Jones at Botany Bay
Joe Hill (1916)
Johnny Boland
Jones's Ale (1912)
Jones's Ale
Josephine (1901)
Kelly's Byrne and Hart
Kelly Gang
King of the Shearers
The Kerry Hills (1901)
The Kings of the Shed
Lachlan Tigers
Lady Franklin's Lament For Her Husband
Lament On the Fate Of Sir J. Franklin
and His Crews

Lambing Down
Lance Skuthorpe (1909)
The Land For The People (1893)
The Language of the Shearer-man
Lazy Harry's
The Lay of the Colonial Experience Man (1887)
Lay of the Navvy
The Lay of the Settler
License Hunting To-Day (1894)
Lime Juice Tub
Lines To A Scottish Exile (1854)
The Lonely Shepherd's Song
Look Out Below
"Lou" - Charcoal Burnin' (1902)
Lousy Harry's [1900 Extract]
Maggie May
The Mallee Farmer's Dirge (1901)
The Man From Jugiong (1909)
The Man From Merriwa (1928)
The Man Hunt
The Man With The Shears
Maryborough Miner
Mazlin's Mill
Men of Austral--Sons of Toil
The Merry Days Long Gone
Miners' Song (1939)
The Monster Diamond (1872)
Moonlight (1935)
Moreton Bay
Moreton Bay 2
Murrumbidgee Shearer
The Musical Boundary Rider (1936)
Mustering Song
My Mate Bill (1893)
My Song Unsung (1903)
The Navvy (1911)
"Never Goes"
The New Chum's Lament (1871)
The New Chum's Lament (1874)
The New Rush (1870)
Nine Miles from Gundagai
North To The Sheds (1901)
The Numerella
Nursery Rhyme
O'Connell the Brave ! (1835)
O'Connell Centenary Song (1875)
Off To The Diggings (1867)
Old Bark Hut
Old Bullock Dray
The Old Friends (1904)
Old Keg of Rum
Old Palmer Song
On Taromeo
On The Banks Of The Reedy Lagoon
On the Banks of the Riverine (1951)
On The Road To Toganmaine (1929)
On The Shores Of The Dardanelles (1915)
Once I Was a Bushman Bold (1899)
One of the Has-beens
One of "the Have Beens" [original words]
Onward Friends Of Freedom (1896)
Our Heroes (1916)
Out and Make Way for the Fenian Men (1866)
Out Where The Shearer's Go (1898)
The Overlander [Original]
The Overlander
Paddies Evermore (1866)
The Patriot's Lament
The Phantom Shearer (1894)
Plains of Emu
The Plaint Of The Stoker (1899)
Poor Ned Kelly
Poverty (1933)
Queensland Drover
The Rabbit Trapper (1917)

The Ramble-Eer (1905)
The Ranter
Rebel Song (1913)
Reedy River
Ring The Bell Chumies (1874)
Road to Omeo
Ryebuck Shearer
Review Of The Year
The Run On Fire (1860)
Salt Junk
Sandy Maranoa
Saturday Afternoon (1936)
The Saxon Shilling (1866)
Sergeant Small
Shade and Light (1901)
The Sheffield Grinder (1847)
The Shearer (1874)
The Shearing Ananias (1907)
The Shearers (1951)
The Shearers' Ball
The Shearer's Carnival (1880)
Shearers' Cook (1903)
Shearer's Dream
The Shearer's Lament (1917)
The Shearer's Song (1868)
The Shearers' Song (1871)
Shearers' Song (1900)
The Shearer's Song (1939)
The Shearer's Song (1939)
Shearers' Song and Chorus (1871)
Shearing (1870)
Shearing (1911)
The Shearing at Cuppacumbalong
Shearing at Castlereagh
Shearing At Wargundy (1944)
Shearing in the Bar
The Shearing Of Murky Dan (1911)
Shearing Lambs
Shearing Long Ago 1924
The Shepherd And The Liberal Squatter (1880)
The Shepherd's Dream (1909)
The Shepherd's Lament
The Shepherd's Song (1888)
Shores of Botany Bay
The Shovel Fireman's Lament (1937)
The Sleeper Cutters (1934)
The Snagger (1928)
Sogarth Aroon (1876)
The Soldier's Song (1917)
Song for the Luddites (1816)
Song Of The Cane-Cutters (1906)
The Song Of The City-Stockman (1910)
The Song Of The Knife (1918)
Song of the Old Bushman (1922)
The Song Of The Rollicking Rouseabout (1893)
The Song Of The Ringer (1923)
The Song of the Shears
The Song of the Shingle-splitters
Song of the Strike (1874)
The Song Of The Striker (1892)
The Song Of The Trowel (1900)
Song of the Wire
Spread the Truth
Springtime Brings on the Shearing
The Spud Digger
The Squatter's Defeat
The Squatters' Dirge (1883)
The Squatter's Lament (1859)
Stand Firm ! (1913)
Stand Together, Men, As Brothers
Station Cook
Stick To The Union (1889)
Stick to the Union, Boys (1901)
Stick to the Union, Lads (1898)
The Stockman (1894)
The Stockman (1895)
The Stockman (1907)
The Stringy-bark Cockatoo (1924)
Stringybark Creek
Striking Matilda (1969)
Stirling O
Streets of Forbes
Struggle in the West
Success to the Union 1896
The Swaggy's Lament
The Swagman's Song
Thanksgiving Song (1892)
Thoughts (1953)
Three and Six a Day (1889)
To The Victorian Shearer
Toilers Of the Nations
Tomahawking Fred
The Transport
Travelling Down the Castlereagh
Trip To The Tin Mines (1876)
The Troubles of the Drover (1879)
Tweed and Lismore
Twelve Ounces To The Ton (1889)
The Union (1843)
Union Boy
Valedictory Song
Van Dieman's Land
The Visions of a Night Watch
Wallaby Brigade
Wallaby Stew
Waltzing Matilda
The Wanderer Departed
Water in the Bore (1892)
The Waterwitch
We Bushmen Know (1896)
Wee One
The Western Overland (1896)
When Dad Comes Out Of Gaol
When The Cockie's Shearing's On
When The Kye Come Hame (1902)
When Your Back's Against the Wall (1939)
Where The Brumbies Come To Water (1895)
Which Way Out (1931)
Widgegoweera Joe
Wild Colonial Boy
Wild Colonial Boy 2
Wild Rover
With My Swag Upon My Shoulder
Women's No-Conscription Song
Woolshed Song (1923)
Wooyeo Ball (1889)
The Worker (1876)
The Worker's Dream (1919)
The Worker's Dream (1923)
Wreck of the Dandenong
Wyndham Drovers
Your Tool Box Will Be Raffled By-And-Bye (1899)


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