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Dunn, Gilbert, and Ben Hall

Come! all ye lads of loyalty, and listen to my tale,
A story of bushranging days, I will to you unveil,
'Tis of those galland heroes, God bless them, one and all.
And we'll sit and sing, God save the King, Dunn, Gilbert and Ben Hall.

Those three men were well mounted, it was their hearts' delight,
They robbed all, both great and small, by day as well as night,
They rode through every town, and visited every ball.
It was nothing but diversion for Dunn, Gilbert and Ben Hall.

These three undaunted highwaymen, they reigned for three long years,
The very worst deed I heard of them was burning of Morrison's Store,
They invited Morrison and his wife, to go into the ball,
Where they thought to lay a scheme to take Dunn, Gilbert, and Ben Hall.

So about the middle of the night, when they begun their plans,
Morrison was to rush on all, he being the strongest man;
But Gilbert, having friends in every corner of the ball,
Disappointed was Morrison of taking Dunn, Gilbert and Ben Hall.

When Gilbert came to hear what they intended to do,
He drew a revolver in each hand, and swore he'd blow him through,
But Mrs. Morrison she bawled, screamed, and roared,
And Morrison proved a coward and got outside the door.

They mounted on their horses, the stars showed little light,
When one of them dismounted and set the store alight.
They all sat on their horses, a-viewing their sins all round,
And never left until the store was burnt down to the ground.

Now, Morrison was a foolish man, a silly man, I'm sure.
He had better stayed at home, and attended to his store.
He had better stayed at home, than a-went unto the ball,
Where he thought to lay a scheme to take Dunn, Gilbert, and Ben Hall.

I'm told two of those highwaymen lies low:
But Dunn has made his escape, I'm sure he is all the go,
Sometimes he rides a filly, and more times he rides a colt,
I know he will make the traps look out, if he joins bold Thunderbolt.


From the Sydney newspaper the Evening News 11 April 1903.

Another Version.
'The following is the version of this old bushranging song sent in by Mr. D. Carter, of Conrad-street, Richmond.
It will be seen that it differs materially from that published last week - in fact it is a separate song altogether'

See also Bushranger Gilbert's Song and Dunn Gilbert and Ben hallin this collection.


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