Australian Folk Songs
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Song Books, Magazines, Sources

1857 Thatcher's Colonial Songster, Charles Thatcher
1859 Thatcher's Colonial Minstrel, Charles Thatcher
1865 The Queenslanders' New Colonial Camp Fire Song Book
1869 Sydney Songster
1893 Sydney Golden Songster
1905 Old Bush Songs, A.B. Paterson (7th edition 1932)
1907 Old Pioneering Days in the Sunny South, Charles MacAlister
1917 Women's anti-conscription songs, Mrs. Bremner and Hilda Moody
1918 Anti-conscription army songs (leaflet)
1930 The Hungry Mile and other poems, Ernest Antony
1933 Old Bush Recitations, Bill Bowyang
1938 Swagman's Treasure, Louis Lavater (Lavater's Tunes to Old Bush Songs)
1938 Nine Miles from Gundagai, Jack Moses
1944 Australian Bushsongs and Ballads, Will Lawson
1947 Rebel Songs, Edgar Waters & Stephen Murray-Smith
1948 Wild Colonial Boys, Frank Clune
1950 Old Australian Bush Ballads, Vance Palmer
1951 - 55 Bandicoot Ballads, John Manifold & Ron Edwards
1952 True Patriots All, Geoffrey Ingleton
1953 Freedom on the Wallaby, Marjorie Pizer
1953 Burl Ives Folio of Australian Songs, Percy Jones
1954 Bushwacker Broadsides, Bush Music Club
1954 Reedy River Songbook, New Theatre
1955 Australian Bush Ballads, Douglas Stewart & Nancy Keesing
1955 Six authentic Songs from the Kelly, Country John Meredith
1955 Colonial Ballads, Hugh Anderson
1956 Songs from Lawson, John Meredith
1956 Overlander Songbook, Ron Edwards
1956 - 67 Singabout Magazine, Bush Music Club
1957 Old Bush Songs, Douglas Stewart & Nancy Keesing
1957 Songs from the Bush, John Meredith & Alfred Hill
1957 Three Street Ballads, Russel Ward
1957 The Violin, the Banjo & the Bones, John Manifold
1958 Goldrush Songster, Hugh Anderson
1958 The Australian Legend, Russel Ward
1959 Queensland Centenary Pocket Songbook, Federation of Bush Music Clubs
1959 Time Means Tucker, Duke Tritton
1960 Authentic Australian Bush Ballads, John Meredith & Alan Scott
1960 Australian Bush Tunes for Beginners, John Manifold
1960 A Treasury of Australian Folk Tales and Traditions, Bill Beatty
1960 The Wild Colonial Boy, John Meredith
1960 The Colonial Minstre,l Hugh Anderson
1961 To Wear a Convict's Chains, Stan Arthur
1961 Condamine Bells, J.J.Jones
1962 What About the People, Dorothy Hewett and Merv Lilley
1962 E.Y.L. Songbook, Eureka Youth League
1962 Snatches and Lays, Anon
1964 - 74 Australian Tradition Magazine, ed. Wendy Lowenstein
1964 Penguin Australian Songbook, John Manifold
1964 Penguin Book of Australian Ballads, Russel Ward
1964 Farewell to Old England, Hugh Anderson
1964 Australian Folksong Songster, Alex Hood
1964 Australian Folksong Folio, Alex Hood
1964 Favorite Australian Bush Songs, Lionel Long & Graham Jenkin
1964 Songs of our Times, Sydney University Folk Music Society
1964 The B and H Album of Nine Australian Folksongs, Hal Evans
1964 Sundowners Songbook, D.MacMahon
1964 Who wrote the Ballads, John Manifold
1965 Great Australian Folksongs, John Lahey
1965 Crooked Mick of the Speewah, Bill Wannan
1966 Songs of Australia, Stan Wakefield
1966 Folksong and Ballad, Ron Edwards
1966 A Quart Pot of Songs, Ron Edwards
1966 To the North, Ron Edwards
1966 Humping Old Bluey, Ron Edwards
1966 - 70 Northern Folk /National Folk Magazine, ed. Ron Edwards
1966 Travelling Songs of Old Australia, D.F.Niland
1967 Ballads tell the story, Desk Diary, Edgar Waters & Roderick Shaw
1967 Pacific Book of Bush Ballads, Douglas Stewart & Nancy Keesing
1967 Folksongs of Australia, John Meredith & Hugh Anderson
1967 Folk Song in England, A.L.Lloyd
1967 A Collection of Australian Folksongs and Traditional Ballads, Folklore Council of Aust.
1968 Singabout Songster, Bush Music Club
1969 Overlander Songbook, Ron Edwards
1969 Cinderella Dressed in Yella, Ian Turner June Factor & Wendy Lowenstein
1969 Folklore of the Australian Railwaymen, Patsy Adam-Smith
1970 A Collector's Songbook, Alan Scott
1970 The Story of Australian Folksong, Hugh Anderson & Ron Edwards
1970 Songs of the Shearers, Dale Dengate
1970 The Pumpkin Paddy Songster, Alex Hood
1970 i can sing, Don Henderson
1970 Songs from a Seat in the Carriage, Glen Tomasetti
1970 Australian Folklore, Bill Wannan
1971 Joy Durst Memorial Australian Song Collection, Victorian Folk Music Club
1971 Overlander Songbook, Ron Edwards
1971 The Wallaby Track, Alex Hood
1971 Whale Chasing Men, Harry Robertson
1972 Australian Folksongs, Ron Edwards
1972 Pumpkin Paddy meets the Bunyip, Alex Hood
1972 Robust, Ribald and Rude verses of Australia, Bill Wannan
1972 Brumby Jack Saves the Wild Bush Horses, Alex Hood
1973 Australian Bawdy Ballads, Ron Edwards
1973 Tune origins for Australian folk songs, Ron Edwards
1974 The Flying Pieman, Alex Hood
1974 Bill Jinks and the Whale, Alex Hood
1974 Australian Folksongs of the Land and its People, Folklore Council of Australia
1974 Time Out of Mind: Simon McDonald of Creswick, Hugh Anderson
1974 Shocking, Shocking, Shocking, Wendy Lowenstein
1975 Herman's German band meets Thunderbolt, Alex Hood; Robert Smith
1975 Builbers' Labourers' Songbook, Builders Labourers Federation
1976 The Big Book of Australian Folk Song, Ron Edwards
1976 Complete Book of Australian Folklore, Bill Scott
1976 Bushranger Ballads, Bill Scott
1977 Pint Pot and Billy, Warren Fahey
1977 Favorite Bush Ballads, Douglas Stewart
1977 The Australian Yarn, Ron Edwards
1978 Bushwackers Australian Songbook, Newton, Wositzky & O'Donovan
1978 Speewah, Alex Hood
1978 Weevils in the Flour, Wendy Lowenstein
1979 Frank the Poet, John Meredith and Rex Whalen
1979 Begged Borrowed and Stolen, Chris O'Connor & Suzette Watkins
1979 - 86 Stringybark & Greenhide Magazine, ed. Lester and Cecily Grace
1979 Take your partners: traditional dancing in Australia, Shirley Andrews
1980 Second Penguin Australian Songbook, Bill Scott
1980 Eric Bogle Songbook, Eric Bogle
1980 Anti Uranium Songbook for Australia Osman, Bower, Clark & Mogford
1980 Treasury of Australian Folklore Walter Stone
1981 Outback Heroes, Patsy Adam-Smith
1981 The Redgum song book: stubborn words, flagrant vices
1981 Complete book of Australian folk lore, compiled Bill Scott
1982 The Donahoe Ballads, John Meredith
1982 The Wild Colonial Boy (enlarged edition ), John Meredith
1982 My Shout, John Dengate
1982 The Honeymoon Songbook Friends of the Earth, La Trobe University
1982 The Shearers, Patsy Adam-Smith
1982 The Bastard from the bush: obscene songs and ballads of Australian origin, Brad Tate.
1983 Treasury of Favorite Australian Songs, Therese Radic
1983 Second Bushwackers Australian Songbook, Newton
1983 Banjo Paterson's Old Bush Songs, Graham Seal
1983 Duke of the Outback, John Meredith
1983 Franklin River Blockade Songs Vol II, Tasmanian Wilderness Society
1983 Far Out Brussel Sprout!, June Factor
1984 Eureka The Songs That Made Australia, Warren Fahey
1984 Bush Dance, David Johnson
1984 Eureka : Beneath the Southern Cross, Alex Hood
1984 - Australian Folklore Society Journal, ed. Ron Edwards
1984 The Songbook of the Roxby Downs blockade, ed Alan Gray Camille Ralph
1985 Singabout Selected Reprints, Bob Bolton
1985 Bush Ballads of Australia, David Bromley
1986 Collectors Choice Vol 1, Peter Ellis
1986 Judy Small Songbook, Judy Small
1987 Folk Songs of Australia Vol2, John Meredith Roger Covell & Patricia Brown
1987 The Possum Stirs... Conference Procedings, ed. Keith Holingshead
1988 Down & Outback, Brad Tate
1988 200 Years of Australian Folksong: Index 1788 - 1988, Ron Edwards
1988 Percy Jones, Donald Cave
1988 Strike a Light, Selected by Gillian Harrison
1988 Captain Cook Chased a Chook, June Factor
1989 The Songs of Henry Lawson, Chris Kempster
1989 John Dengate My Shout again! (published by Malaney Folk Festival)
1989 Songs of Australian Working Life, Therese Radic
1989 The Balls of Bob Menzies, Warren Fahey
1989 The Hidden Culture: Folklore in Australian Society, Graham Seal
1990 Traditions of Predudice, Graham Seal
1991 Great Australian Folk Songs, Ron Edwards (reprint of Big Book)
1991 Songs of the Bush: The First Collection of Australian Folksong, Phillip Butterss
1991 Songs of a Bronzewing, Phyl Lobl
1991 George Loyou:The man who wrote bush ballads, Hugh Anderson
1991 Digger Folksong and Verse of World War One, Graham Seal
1992 Australian Folk Songs: HyperCard Song Book, Mark Gregory
1992 The Tunes of Bert Jamieson, David De Santi
1992 The Tunes of Arthur Bowley, David De Santi
1992 A Queensland Collection Volume 1, Maria Zann
1992 Ten Shanties Sung on the Australian Run 1897, Graham Seal
1992 Folklore and Tourism: Presentation and Paradox, Gwenda Beed Davey
1993 Penguin Book of Australian Ballads, Phillip Butterss & Elizabeth Webby
1993 The Oxford Companion To Australian Folklore, Gwenda Beed Davey & Graham Seal
1993 Songs, Tunes and Stories of Ebb Wren, Rob and Olya Willis
1993 Songs of the Baulch Brothers, Rob Willis
1993 A Collector's Songbook (2nd Edition), Alan Scott
1993 101 Australian Folk Songs: HyperCard Song Book, Mark Gregory
1994 The Tunes of Ma Sea,l Peter Ellis and David De Santi
1994 Don Henderson "A Quiet Century", Sally Henderson
1995 Australian Folk Songs: World Wide Web Song Book, Mark Gregory
1995 101 Australian Folk Songs: SuperCard Song Book, Mark Gregory
1995 Mister Joe: songs tunes & poems of Joe Cashmere, Alan Musgrove & Greg O'Leary
1995 A Bibliography of Australian Folklore 1790 to 1990, David S. Hults
1995 Union Songs: World Wide Web Song Book, Mark Gregory
1996 The Blue Mountains Folkbook, ed. Donald J. Morison
1996 Diggers' Songs: Songs of the Australians in Eleven Wars, Warren Fahey
1997 The Drover's Boy, Ted Egan & Robert Ingpen
1998 Queensland Arts Council presents Alex and Annette Hood in Across Capricorn : study guide, Sandra Gattenhof; Alex Hood; Annette Hood
1999 Australian discography of folk and associated artists compiled Chris Spencer.
2000 Australia: Beyond the Fatal Shore
2001 The Turning Wave: Poems and Songs of Irish Australia, ed. Colleen Z Burke and Vincent Woods
2001 The Provenance of Waltzing Matilda, Richard Magoffin
2003 Goldfield Songs, ed. Hugh Anderson
2003 Fairwell to Judges & Juries, Hugh Anderson
2003 A Guide to Australian Folklore, Gwenda Beed Davey and Graham Seal
2003 Verandah Music: Roots of Australian Tradition, ed. Graham Seal and Rob Willis
2005 Singing Australian: A history of folk and country music, Graeme Smith
2005 Tucker Track: The curious history of food in Australia, Warren Fahey
2005 The Great Australian Goldrush & Eureka Stockade, R.D. Washe
2006 John Meredith, a tribute, ed. Kevin Bradley
2007 Sixty Years of Australian Union Songs, Mark Gregory
2008 Get Folked: an Insider History of the Sixties Australian Folk Revival, Brad Tate
2008 Australia's Lost Folk Songs, Keith McKenry
2009 Looking back looking forward : a folio of contemporary original songs within the Australian bush ballad tradition, Robert Kenneth Richard Brock
2012 - John Dengate - Songs, Poems, Satires and Shouts all the way (BMC)
2012 - John Dengate - My Shout (A5 reprint by BMC)
2016 - John Dengate - My Shout (A4 reprint by BMC)
2014 More Than a Life, John Meredith and the Fight for Australian Tradition, Keith McKenry
2014 Australian Working Songs and Poems - A rebel Heritage, Mark Gregory


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