Australian Folk Songs

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Articles and Reviews (92)

To Hear Your Banjo Play: Film by Alan Lomax with Pete Seeger - 1947
Larrikin Records and Larrikin Music Founder Speaks Out: Warren Fahey
Folkways Music Shop: Warren Fahey
Ten Thousand Miles Away: Warren Fahey
Bert Lloyd Tribute review: Kevin Bradley
Bert Lloyd Tribute review: Frankie Armstrong
Bert Lloyd Tribute review: Martyn Wyndham-Read
Bert Lloyd Tribute review: Malcolm Taylor
Bert Lloyd Tribute review: Dave Arthur
Bert Lloyd Tribute review: Caroline Clayton
Peter Hamilton 1924-2008: Mark Gregory
Edgar Waters 'Folklore collector extraordinaire': Kevin Bradley
Edgar Waters 1925-2008: Mark Gregory
Ron Edwards 1930-2008
Bert Lloyd Centenary
Wendy Lowenstein: Richard Lowenstein
Wendy Lowenstein: Mark Gregory
The Songs of Chris Kempster CD launch: Mark Gregory
Declan Affley - A rake and rambling man: Colleen Z Burke
Cyril Tawney (1930 - 2005): Martin Hazell
MusicAustralia: Australia's Music Online, in Time: Mark Gregory
Chris Kempster Tribute Concert Photos: Bob Bolton
Chris Kempster Tribute Concert: Kim Salisbury
Chris Kempster Tribute Concert: Mark Gregory
My Father Chris Kempster: Meghan Kempster
Chris Kempster: Keith McKenry
Chris Kempster: Mark Gregory
Glen Tomasetti: Phyl Lobl
Alan Lomax: Mark Gregory
Vale Shirley Andrews: Lucy Stockdale
Geoff Wills: Michael O'Loghlin
John Meredith AM: Keith McKenry
The Gary Shearston Story: Zbig Nowara
The Female Rambling Sailor: Folklore on the Internet
In Search of Rebecca Young: Eric DeBeck
A Familiar Air: Peter Parkhill
Annie Proulx's Musicology: Graeme Smith
Folk Song; Folksong making in Australia: Edgar Waters
A.L.Lloyd Folklore in Australia: Mark Gregory (1969)
A.L.Lloyd - Folk Song and other Musics: Mark Gregory (1970)
A.L.Lloyd - "Folk-Song for Our Time?" (1954)

Australian Folk Revival and selected newspaper and magazine articles

Tony Smith -- Review of "More Than a Life" McKenry Biography of John Meredith
National Folk Festival - Canberra, Easter, 2002: Colleen Z Burke
The Bushwhackers (Some recollections): Chris Kempster
The Bush Music Club: Bob Bolton
Recorded History of the Revival: Rob Willis
Origins of the Australian Folk Revival: Keith McKenry
The Bare Belled Ewe: ABC Landline (2014)
ABC Hindsite: Wattle Records and Films
List of Wattle Records and Films
Tex Morton meets Banjo Paterson: Becomes a folk song collector
"Sons of Liberty" - School Play (1968)
Some Tasmanian Songs: Dr. Lloyd Robson (1965)
Canberra Report of Russel Ward Lecture (1955)
Penguin Book of Australian Ballads: review by A.D. Hope (1964)
Songs The Pioneers Sang (1954)
Reedy River Review (1954)
Songs Of The Old Man Plain: Russel Ward (1953)
Rum, Women and Song: Russel Ward (1953)
Review of 'The Singing Englishman' (1948)
Hypnotism : Science Or Stunt? By A. L. Lloyd (1947)
Australia's Folk-Songs: Percy Jones (1946)
The Irish Ballad in the Australian Bush: Percy Jones (1946)
Percy Jones Bush Song Collector: Percy Jones (1940)
Australian Reviews of 'The Shadow of the Swastika' (1940)
Bat-Eye: Frank C. Biggers (1927)
Percy Grainger - World of Music (1926)
The Troubadour (1925)
Anti-Conscription Army Songs (1917)
Women's Anti-Conscription Songs (1916)
Percy Grainger and Australian Folk Song (1906)
An Improvement in Ward And Payne's Sheep Shears (1884)
Trade Union Shears and AWU Correspondence (1874)
Shearing and Shearers (1874)
Reviews of National Agricultural Laborers' Union Melody Book (1873
Lecture On The Ballad Poetry Of Ireland (1869)
The Ploughman's Speech. (1867)
Social Affairs in England. (1866)
Street Ballads And Household Songs Of Ireland. (1866)
The Shearers (1866)
Irish Music. (1865)
The Doings of Frank Gardiner (1862)
Horae Catnachianae.--A Dissertation on Ballads (1839)


Cantara: Barry McDonald
Root & Branch: Mark Gregory
Trains of Treasure CD
Don Henderson Songbook
The Digital Tradition
One Word We! Australian Play about Pete Seeger
Warrior Women and Popular Balladry, book review
Union is Strength CD


australian traditional songs . . . a selection by mark gregory