Australian Folk Songs

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The Mallee Farmer's Dirge (1901)


We've ploughed the fields and scattered
Some good seed on the land ;
Our ploughs are worn and battered,
Our teams can hardly stand.

The ploughing' s been a tough job
Without refreshing, rain ;
The harrowing's a rough job
And should be done again.

But what's the use of trailing o'er
Those clods from dawn till dark--
It only breaks the harrows more
And scarcely leaves a mark.

The wheat we sowed two months ago
Has feebly struggled through,
And seems to say, what well we know :
" I'm not so green as you."

For when we sight the Western sky
To view our sunsets grand,
No lovely green sward greets the eye--
You'd think our fields were tanned.




From the Wagga NSW newspaper the Worker Saturday 22 June 1901, p. 2.


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