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Bump me into Parliament

Come listen all kind friends of mine
I want to move a motion
To make an Eldorado here
I've got a bonza notion

Bump me into parliament
Bounce me any way at all
Bang me into parliament
On next election day

Some very wealthy friends I know
Declare I am most clever
While some can talk for an hour or so
Why I can talk for ever

I've read my bible ten times o'er
And Jesus justifies me
The man who does not vote for me
By Christ he crucifies me

Oh yes I am a Labor man
I believe in revolution
The quickest way to bring it on
Is talking constitution

I think the worker and the boss
Should keep their present stations
So I will surely pass a bill
'Industrial Relations'


Written by Bill Casey an Australian member of the IWW (Industrial Workers of the World) who later became secretary of the Queensland Branch of the Seamen's Union of Australia.

The IWW or Wobblies played an important part in the development of trade unions in USA. The most famous Wobbly was organiser/songwriter Joe Hill who was framed on a murder charge and executed in Salt Lake City. His ashes were scattered in many cities throughout the world, including Sydney. Tune 'Yankee Doodle'

A longer version of this song can be found in a 1917 song sheet titled 'Anti-Conscription Army Songs' included on this site.


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