Australian Folk Songs

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The Horseman of the Shires (1923)

Original Poetry.

The Home of My Heart (1830)


I love the calm retreat, the stillness of the grove,
The peaceful life that leads to happiness and love:
If this gives true delight, no further let me roam,
I'll think no more of Thee, for this is home, sweet home.


A cottage by a wood, with purling streams hard by,
Are sweet when evening smoke is curling to the sky;
When woodbines cling around the parent stem, nor roam
Away from that they love, Oh ! this is home, sweet home.


When timid doves expand their purple wings to view,
And all their beauteous mates in circling flight pursue,
The dovecot gives them rest, they love no more to roam,
But prove the bliss, and truth, that this is home, sweet home.


But far, oh far away, my beating heart would flee,
To dwell on distant smiles, that never smile on me ;
I'd breathe one ardent sigh, and never more should roam,
Were but thy tender breast the seat of home, sweet home.

Anambaba, Sept. 1830. M.


From the Sydney Gazette 9 Sep 1923 p. 4.


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