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Out and make way for the Fenian men (1866)
AIR--O'Donnell Aboo.

The Fenian War Chaunt

Our readers cannot but have remarked that many of the prisoners arrested for political reasons of late.
in Ireland had in, their possession a : song entitled " Out and make way for the Fenian men." The
popularity of the ballad among the brethren is unbounded. The air to which it is sung is very martial
and spirit-stirring. Thinking our readers may feel an interest as to what kind the famous chaunt may be
we here append the words in full :--

See who comes over the red blossomed heather,
Their green banners kissing the pure mountain air,
Heads erect, eyes to front, stepping proudly together,
Sure freedom sits throned on each proud, spirit there,
Down the hills twining
Their blessed steel shining--
Like rivers of beauty they flow from each glen,
From mountain and valley ?
'Tis Liberty's rally
Out and make way for the FENIAN MEN !

Our prayers and our tears they; have scoffed and derided,
They've shut out God's sunlight from spirit and mind,
Our foes were united, and we. were divided,
We met and they scattered us all to the wind.
But once more returning,
Within our veins burning
The fire that illumined dark Aherlow's Glen
We'll raise the old cry anew,
Slogan of Con and Hugh--
Out and make way for the FENIAN MEN !

We've men from the Nore, from the Suir, and the Shannon,
Let tyrants come forth, we'll bring force against force ;
Our pen-is the sword, and our voice is the cannon--
Rifle for ride, and horse against horse
We've made the false Saxon yield
Many a red battle field,
God on our side, we shall do so again,
Pay them back woe for woe,
Give therm back; blow for blow--
Out and make way for the FENIAN MEN !

Side by side for this cause have our forefathers battled--
When our hills never echoed the tread of a slave--
In man a green field where leaden hail rattled,
Through the red gap of glory they marched to the grave.
And they who inherit
Their names and their spirit,
Will march 'neath the standard of Liberty then ;
Those who love Saxon lay,
Native and Sassanagh,
Out and make way for the FENIAN MEN !

Up tor the cause, men ! fling forth your green banners
From East to the West, from the South to the North,
Irishmen! ; Irish land ! Irish mirth ! Irish manners !
From mansion and cot the Slogan go forth.
Sons of Old Ireland now,
Love ye your sireland now,
Come from the Kirk, from the Chapel, and Glen,
Down with all faction old--
Consort and action bold
And give hearty good welcome to the FENIAN MEN !


From the NSW Newspaper the Freeman's Journal Saturday 6 January 1866 p. 13.


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