Australian Folk Songs

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The Publican's Daughter (1856)
A Song By H. H.

Than the beer which she served,
Her complexion was clearer :
Than the price which she charged
For that beer she was dearer.

And stronger than spirits,
For spirits they water ;
Was my love for fair Ellen,
The publican's daughter.

Oh! why did she add
To my score on the shutter ;
And tell me to pay,
Or be something'd or other.

Alas! false as fair,
She was not what I thought her,--
The gentlest, the dearest,
Best publican's daughter.

Alas! that another,
My pewter is filling;
That she charged one-and-four-pence,
Instead of a shilling.

Alas! that she cheated : Alas! that I caught her;
And, alas ! for my love
For the publican's daughter.


From the Sydney newspaper Bell's Life in Sydney and Sporting Reviewer 26 Jul 1856 p, 2.


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