Australian Folk Songs

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Song of the Rebels (1916)

Come, all you stalwart Rebels,
And pledge this toast with me--
'The Day ! the Day! that none shall stay,
The morn that makes men free."

For we have heard a breeze that stirred
The noisome days of death,
And seeds long-sown, shall rise and own
The vivifying breath.

Inspiring breeze of Freedom,
The power our fathers knew,
We rise from sleep and drink in deep,
Our vigor to renew.

A peril we to tyranny,
A menace to the wrong,
Our flag ahead is living red,
A war-note is our song !

Against existing chaos.
And strife of man and man.
Against despair and haunting care,
Lean Poverty's foul claw;

Against the grind that warps the mind,
Against those fears that slay.
Against all greed, dishonor, need,
We march to fight to-day.

So come, you stalwart Rebels
Join hands around, thc earth,
See bright beyond that mighty bond
That links us in our mirth--

The Day ! the Day ! that none can stay.
One, hope, one goal, one sun,
The joy to be in Liberty,
Thc reign of Love begun !

Rose E. Sharland.


From the Brisbane newspaper the Worker Thursday 22 June 1916, p. 3.


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