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Electors Vote For King (1870)

You electors of this district,
Who sit at home at ease,
Arouse yourselves and join your hands
With those of Bobby Pries.

A King is coming forward
Your champion for to be,
Then up my friends give him your votes,
And better times you'll see.

In opening up the timber trade
King was the pioneer;
He introdueed the telegraph
And Burton's sparkling beer.

He'll improve your roomy harbour ;
He'll advocate free trade;
He's a father to the working man
No matter what his grade.

He's a man of education,
And well qualified to please ;
Then who my friends could turn
Against 'bilities like these.

He'll borrow money for your works ;
If judiciously you'll spend.
And all must see to have much good
A moderate loan would tend.

He thinks in schools the education
Quite secular should be,
And your kids must take a moral lesson
At home upon your knee.

He promises us a steamer
For your rising coasting trade,
And from York to Fremantle
Soon a railway shall be laid.

Your ship shall through the breakers pass ;
From sunken rocks keep clear,
And rest assured the goal you'll reach
If King's allowed to steer.

Bestir yourselves my trusty friends,
Flock round like busy bees,
A plumper for your noble King,
And thanks to Bobby Pries !

Busselton, 27th August, 1870.


From the Fremantle Newspaper the Herald Saturday 10 September 1870 p. 4.


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