Australian Folk Songs

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A Sailor's Life (1913)

A sailer has no easy time
When on the D P sails.
It's R D finds aloft to climb,
Exposed to I C gales;
And then in K C makes a slip,
Or if he D C grows,
A tumble from the I N ship
Is his last N D knows,
When overboard for A D cries,
With N R G and vim,
And though of little U C tries
A vain S A to swim,
But when no L P finds is near,
Nor N E way to save,
He then, in an X S of fear,
Must C K watery grave
Old A J sailor seldom knows,
But if old A G gains,
A U of baccy cures his woes,
And grog L A's his pains.
We N V no poor sailor's life,
In D D has no fun,
And, feeling P T for his wife,
Our M T talk is done.


From the Albury NSW Newspaper the The Border Morning Mail and Riverina Times Mar 1913 p. 4.


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