Australian Folk Songs

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All in the House (1893)

Come all ye noble Irishmen and Englishmen as well,
And listen to my ditty, as a story I will tell,
Of how the House of Commons had a glorious jambouree,
And all about the sacred cause of Irish libertee.

Sure, there was Joey Chamberlain, who got upon the floor.
And turned the British lion loose to hear the crather roar;
But gallant young O'Connor, boys, he got upon his ear,
And his whooping' cry of "Judas" then did echo load and clear.

And all thim Micks, they grabbed their sthicks and sailed into the fray,
"Whilst towards thim kem tho Johnny Bulls afightin' ivery way;
Tim Healy, he got bonneted, but that he didn't mind,
And Saunderson'e two eyes was blacked, sure he was nearly blind.

Full forty min, all good and true, was fightin' all around,
An' hats, an' coats, an' spectacles, was sthrewed upon the ground;
The Speaker couldn't help himself, or sthop this anyway.
Says he, "Is this the British Isles, or Kansas, U.S.A.? "

It was what might be expected, boys, in Italy or France,
And we know the Yankees riot every time they git a chance ;
But woe's the day to Britain boys,when such a thing occurs,
And statesmen fight in Parliament like bloody foreigners !

Indianapolis Journal.


From the Queensland Newspaper the Week 20 Oct 1893 p. 30.


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