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What Cornish lads can do (1904)
An Old Ballad

A good sword and a trusty hand !
A merry heart and a true !
King James's men shall understand
What Cornish lads can do !

And have they fixed the where and when ?
And shall Trelawney die ?
Here's twenty thousand Cornish men
Will know the reason why !

Out spake their Captain brave and bold ;
A merry wight was he ;
If London Tower were Michael's hold,
We'd set Trelawney free !

We'll cross the Tamar, land to land ;
The Severn is no stay !
With one and all and hand in hand
And who shall bid us nay ?

And when we come to London wall
A pleasant sight to view,
Come forth ! Come forth ! Ye cowards all ;
Here's men as good as you.

Trelawney he's in keep and hold ;
Trelawney he may die ;
But here's twenty thousand Cornish bold,
Will know the reason why.

R. S. Hawker.


From the Sydney newspaper the Newsletter 17 Sep 1904 p. 6.


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