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To The Victorian Shearer

[For The Worker.]

The shearers of the northern State
Have fought their fight and won;
They have battled well together
And their work is nearly done.

Now you men below the River,
Your time has come to start;
And we're expecting you to play
A fairly honest part.

For years you have been hanging
Round the struggling Union's neck,
And the deadweight of the burden
Nearly made the show a wreck;

Though some of you were good and true
And some of you were straight,
You never kept your end up
Like those in the other State.

And your reverence for the squatter
Is a fearsome thing indeed,
And you've always flocked to help him
In the moments of his need.

But now your maties up above
Have made a gallant show,
Don't let them be deserted by
The workers here below.

For fortune fairly favors you,
And, with any decent luck,
The victory is surely yours
If only you've the pluck.

Vic. Warrana


From the NSW paper the Worker (Wagga, NSW) Saturday 30 November 1901 p. 5.


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