Australian Folk Songs

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Josephine (1901)


We have walked together at evenfall
Along the Barwon shore,
Under the wattles and the gumtrees tall
That overlook Dromore.
There, where the wildpea grows serene,
Oft we strayed, love Josephine,
Or sat together in the sawpit shed
Watching the great moon, round and red.
But hour has come when we must part ;
The plant to the border has made a start.
For you, my. lass, I would give my life,
When I return will you be my wife ?
Answer now, for the moon is low ;
Come kiss me love, for 'tis time to go.
For weeks we have been mustering
And riding both fast and hard,
The scrubbers now may have their fling
All in the drafting-yard.
Early to-morrow the boys start down
With a thousand head for Wodonga town,
And oft when the nights are drear and damp,
As I watch the cattle upon the camp,
And the stars peep out in their silver sheen,
I'll think of you, my Josephine.

Brewarrina. --Speewa.


From the Wagga NSW newspaper the Worker Saturday 16 February 1901, p. 2.


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