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Song of the Ministry (1895)

[By O. C.]

About the State Advances Bill
They make a dreadful rout ;
But we were not born yesterday ;
We know what we're about.

For years we're come upon the plan
Of borrowing and spending,
go now we'll try what we can do
With borrowing and lending.

You say the farmers cannot pay
If seasons should be bad.
But then between ourselves you know,
That's just how they'll be had.

If they can't pay their honest debts,
Why we shall grab the land ;
That's just what we are coming to,
I'd have you understand.

The land's the people's property.
No private man should own it ;
And when the farmers cannot pay
We get a chance to bone it.

The Savlngs Bank is handy now,
And it will be a treat
Too cover our deficiency,
And both ends get to meet.

Depositors may grumble, but
They'll hare to grin and bear ;
When folks have money to put by
They must have some to spare.

What better can they do with it
Than help their county's need ;
To keep it for themselves would be
Abominable greed.

We give them good security
Upon our deficit.
If they can't get their money back
They'll have to wait a bit.

We still can raise the income tax.
And take its action lower ;
And if that shouldn't be enough,
Why, we can borrow more.

If folks won't lend that's their lookout ;
Our course is very plain--
We'll just have to repudiate,
And then begin again.


From the South Australian Newspaper the Adelaide Observer 31 Aug 1895 p.e 16.


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