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Haynau And The Southwark Brewers (1850)

Amongst the items of English News, given in the Advertiser of Thursday, there was an account of the treatment
which Haynau, the Austrian " butcher," received from the Southwark brewers, on his visit to the great brewery of
Barclay and Perkins. The circumstance has made a stir in London, for the Illustrated News gives three enigravings,
exhibiting Haynau hiding himself in a bedroom of a public house, and then being escorted by the Police over coal
barges, into the Thames Police boat, in order to escape from his pursuers. The following " excellent new song"
has also been penned and circulated:

Jolly Boys, who brew porter for BARCLAY and PERKINS,
The prime London stout of our cans and our firkins,
Here's a health, English hearts, whate'er may betide,
For the dose you gave HAYNAU along the Bankside.
Derry down, down, down, Derry down.

The deeds of this Butcher we all have heard,
How died BATHAANI, how LEININGEN fell ;
Gallant AULICH he hanged like a felon and slave,
Tho' he prayed like a soldier to go to his grave.
Derry down; down, down, Derry down.

And 'twas all in cold blood when the battle was won,
Was won by the Russians--for Austria had run ;
When Gorgy had o'er to the enemy passed :
But brave English GUYON he fought to the last.
Derry ddwn, down, down, Derry down.

When HAYNAU commanded, they never were slack ;
Oh, the cord for the neck, and the lash for the back,
And women he scourged, till the red blood ran down,
This chief of the armies of Austria's Crown.
Derry down, down, down, Derry down.

Ye lasses of Southwark, a health unto you,
Who aided to give Marshal HAYNAU his due,
The wretch who flogged women deserves well to meet,
Rough welcome like yours, in each fair London street.
Derry down, down, down, Derry down.

Turn him out, turn him out, from our side of the Thames,
Let him go to great Tories and high-titled dames ;
He may walk the West End, and parade in his pride,
But he'll not come again near the "George" in Bankside.
Derry down, down, down, Derry down.


From the Victorin newspaper the Geelong Advertiser Saturday 21 December 1850, p. 1.


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