Australian Folk Songs

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The Song Of The Rollicking Rouseabout

Shearing season fast approaches,
Squatters giving smaller pay :
Fifteen bob a week and tucker --
Half-a-caser every day !
Half-a-caser when they're shearing,
When it's raining they get nix ;
That's the wages on the stations--
Hours of labor, six to six.

Still they say the working classes
They are blessed in this bright land
(Where they get their slaving asses
I could never understand).
Men, they call them--that's an error,
'Tis a libel, to be sure :
He who stands the half-a-caser
Should be called a squatter's--

(Last word indistinct. -- PRINTER.)


From the Wagga NSW newspaper the Worker Saturday 9 September 1893 p. 3.


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