Australian Folk Songs

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The New Rush (1870)

Away to the Acheron, let us away,
Hang't if I dont start off this very day.
Roll up your swag mate and let us make haste;
Our chances are less every minute we waste.

They say there is gold there, I trust it is true
I hope gold is waiting for me and for you.
Now let us be off without further delay.
Hurrah for the acheron diggings, Hurrah !

It's long since I bottomed a good golden hole;
I'm anxious to get one, I am, on my soul.
It's sixty foot sinking, no matter for that,
It cannot be worse than this d--d U.T. Flat.

Good-bye old U. T. and good-bye Godfreys Creek.
Just look, and you'll see the tears run up my cheek.
Oh ! I am so sorry, I almost could sing
"Ring the bell watchman, ring ! ring ! ring !"



From the Victorian Newspaper the Alexandra Times Friday 18 March 1870 p. 3.


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