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The Daydawn of Labor

The following song was composed by the late John Plumper Hoolan for the O'Callaghan Opera Co. and was sung for the O'Callaghan Opera Company, and was sung for the benefit of the the shearer's strike, 1891.

(Air: "Marching to Georgia")

Oh listen to the distant sound that spirit wings have borne,
Bidding all awaken to the breaking of the dawn.
Sons of toil arising to welcome the bright morn
Ushering in the daydawn of Labor.

Arise, arise and usher in the day;
Arise, arise and battle for fair play.
Down with every obstacle, the unions lead the way;
And up with the standard of Labor.

Onward we are marching, onward let us roll;
Spread the gospel freely, boys, spread from Pole to Pole.
Throw your lives in with it, it's salvation to the soul;
And cast in defence of your labor.

Land of full and plenty, O land of liberty;
Land where honest sons of toil will never bend the knee
To purse-proud, mocking masters in meek humility;
So fight in defence of your labor.


From the Worker Thursday 5 November 1925 p. 3.

The following is also from the Worker Saturday 28 November 1891 p. 4.

General Balance Sheet.
Proceeds O'Callaghan Opera Company, Charters Towers 88 6s. 4p.


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