Australian Folk Songs

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Song--Eight Hours' Day (1891)

Come, toilers all,
Obey the call ;
Join in the celebration
Of eight hours' day
With spirits gay,
And joyful adulation.

Be firm and bold
like those of old,
Who won this just concession
Keep on the strife,
Devote your life
To struggle for progression.

Your fathers worked
And never shirked
The toils of reformation ;
So follow on,
The conquest's won
With deeds of emulation.

They suffered loss
And many a cross
In breaking down oppression
The fruits of gain
Bought by their pain.
We hold in rich possession.

The battles' fought,
The deeds they wrought,
Call for our admiration ;
So let us crown
With high renown
Those heroes of our nation.

Now boys be true,
There is work for you
Whatever be your station ;
With heart and hand
Join our great band--
The toilers' combination.

Sandhurst, 21st April, 1891.


From the Victorian Newspaper the Bendigo Advertiser 21 Apr 1891 p. 3.


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