Australian Folk Songs

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A Shearer's Song (1902)
[For The Worker.]

Oh, file your knockers down,
Fasten your drivers tight,
Put Kinchela on your bottom blade
Before you start the fight.

Then whip the bellies off
And sail straight up the neck ;
Don't stop for wrinkles, horns, or hide,
If you want to make a cheque.

Then keep them passing out,
Your end up in the strife ;
Not so much for what you earn
As for children, home, and wife.

Two blows o'er the shoulder,
Then three more to the flank ;
And keep this up till the shed cuts out--
Then put your beans in the bank.

One blow over the tail,
And a long sweep up the back ;
Be not too heavy with your knee,
If you want to keep off the track.

Then keep them passing out
And open "sweet-lips" wide;
Remember it's for her sweet sake
Who waits to be your bride.



From the Wagga Newspaper The Worker Saturday 13 September 1902 p. 8.


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