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Les Darcy was a fighter (1917)

Les Darcy has taken the preliminary steps towards becoming a naturalised American citizen.--Cable.

Les Darcy was a fighter
Of the pugilistic brand;
But wouldn't dream of sparring
To defend his native land.
So when he thought conscription
Would become Australian law
He packed his old portmanteau
And he bade us "au revoir."

Be climbed aboard a sailer,
And be swiftly stowed away,
To later set his Trilbies
On the shore of U.S.A.
He's done with things Australian
And the "Rule Britannia" tune
The cable now informs us
That he'll be a Yankee soon.

Just bear in mind the reason
Why he left Australian shores
Now Uncle Sam is joining
With the Allies in the cause.
He will shortly have conscription,
So the morning paper says.
Was ever tale more tragic?
Won't you shed a tear for Les?



From the South Australian Newspaper the Mail 14 Apr 1917 p. 4.

Newspaper attacks on those who refused to sign up for the Great War were common as were the "White Feather" brigades insults and the demonisation of anyone who publicly opposed conscription which Australians at home and at the trenches voted against twice.


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