Australian Folk Songs

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Cradle Song Of The Sailor's Wife (1894)

Oh, sleep, sleep, my bairnie, the sun seeks the west
The bonnie white dove now flies to her nest,
So rock thee, my bairnie, rock thee to rest.
Close now thine eyes, like flowers wet with dew.
The sweet wee blue bells have rung their adieu ;
The bright stirs are peeping down from the sky.
The round summer moon now floats fair and high.
From powers of darkness impels defend thee,
Sweet dreams and pure may God now send thee.
Oh, waft, waft, ye winds, ye winds of the sea,
Bring back in safety bairnie's father to me.
Keep tempest and storm far far from his barque,
Guide the white spreading wings through the night and the dark.
Guard, angels of heaven, until morning light,
Bairnie and father, good night, good night.

M. G. LEASK, Port Elliot.


From the Adelaide Newspaper the Evening Journal Mon 29 Jan 1894 p. 2.


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