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A Cornish Song For To-Night (1906)
Herbert Thomas, in a Cornish paper.

(To the air of "Auld Lang Syne.")

When Cornish hands in friendship meet we'll absent ones recall.
And wish good health and happiness and wealth to "One and All."

And "One and All" on land or sea, in exile or at home.
Shall dwell in peace and harmony wherever they may roam:
Good health to those in exile still, and those upon the foam.
And while we live we'll ne'er forget our distant Cornish home.

When Cornish eyes with friendship glow and silently proclaim
The mystic bond, all words beyond, we'll feed the sacred flame.

When Cornish lips shall meet again, and seas no more divide.
Through every Cornish coombe and lane shall stroll a blushing bride.

When Cornish hearts united beat, and Cornish voices call.
When ends of all the earth shall meet and ring with "One and All."

And as long as Cornwall's cliffs shall stand, and till our latest breath.
There'll he a steadfast Cornish band, all faithful unto death.

So pass the word around the world, where Cornishmen are found.
Where England's banner is unfurled, and England's trumpets sound:
True Comishmen united stand, or else united fall--
The pride of all the Cornish land, the land of "One and All"


From the South Australian newspaper Evening Journal 12 Sep 1906 p. 2.


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