Australian Folk Songs

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Ballad From The Battery (1906)


"Ta, ta," said the quartz, to the country rock
As the dynamite fuse was lit ;
The parting gave him a terrible shock,
But didn' t move her a bit.

"I wish I hadn't been introduced
To the beggar who breaks the ore ;
My system really is much reduced,
I never felt small before."

"I'm struck on you," said the stamper shoe,
"I'll turn you out fine, you'll see."
And giggling high, said the stamper die,
"You'd be very much mashed on me."

"Oh, stay with me !" said the copper plate,
As the fine gold hurried by ;
"Oh, loved one, let's amalgamate !"
But the gay gold winked his eye.

"Now I'm your man," said the bold "Burden,"
As he with the mundie fought :
But his belt gave way and he lost the day
"Ha ! ha !" sneered the cold retort.

The Tangye pump gave a fearsome jump,
And the fly-wheel flew with fear ;
So I left the place at an awful pace,
And as for the rest--mine's beer.



From the Wagga NSW newspaper the Worker Thursday 1 February 1906, p. 9.


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