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Thoughts of a Shearer (1923)
Written for The "Leader"

Now, I sometimes sit and wonder,
"When a shearer throws a seven ;
Will old Peter recognise him,
If he draws a pen in Heaven.

Peter, he was once a bagman,
Carrying bluey through the land ;
When he knows a bloke's a shearer,
T'is ten to one he'll understand.

He will understand their hardships,
How they sweat and rip and tear ;
For when the sheep are hard and horny,
It Would make an angel swear.

Then, perhaps he'll treat them kindly,
When they reach the far off land ;
Just to keep the rousies from them,
This one favour they'll demand.

He won't want a harp or banjo,
Or a crown upon his head ;
Let him keep his greasy trousers,
And a wool bale for a bed.

Just a spell ; no noisy singing,
He won't need the angels call ;
You just bang the iron at daybreak,
For a feed--a sausage ball.

And should any big gun shearer,
Put a record, tally out ;
Send a cable straight to him,
T'will be something there to talk about.

He won't want no golden pavings,
On the street through which he roams;
Make a,street especially for him,
Paved with rusty worn out combs.

SENOJ, Longreach.


From the Queensland newspaper The Longreach Leader 1 Jun 1923 p. 6.


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