The Song of the Boss (1920)

Australian Folk Songs

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The Song of the Boss (1920)

I was born to control : and you as a tool in my hand :
I to give orders; and you to move to my word of command :
I to plan great wars ; and you to be wounded and die :
Laurels and spoils for me : for you in the grave to lie.

I was born to wear the broadcloth and silk that you weave :
For me a seat at the feast ; for you the crumbs that I leave :
I to live at my ease in a mansion built by you :
For God gives toil to the many, but the fruits of toil to the few.

I was born to enjoy the culture of every age:
The artist painted for me ; the poet sang ; and the sage
Poured forth the fruits of his learning ; but you are forbidden to think ;
And to make you dull of wit, I allow you to pray and to drink.

You were born to he rough ; dainty and polished I :
You to be bought and sold; I to sell and to buy.
And if ever you should dare for a freer life to hope.
Your rebel dreams would I choke with the aid of the hangman's rope.

--R.M.. in London "Call."


From the Queensland newspaper The Worker 8 Jan 1920 p. 3 .


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