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King Gold's Song (1898)

(For The Tocsin.)

Let blatant jingoes rant and boast, and doting poets sing.
Of deeds of dubious valor wrought for love of queen or king,
But where's the monarch under heaven doth such broad empire hold,
Or rule such loyal hearts and true as glorious old King Gold ?

My realm extends to the utmost ends of travelled land and sea,
At my command, on every hand, myriads bend the knee ;
Day by day in allegiance true recruits are still enrolled
To wage fierce, wars in the noble cause of valorous old King Gold.

In the hearts of all, both great and small, I fix my stable throne,
There, without fear of foe or peer, I reign supreme--alone.
Through me are countless souls undone--maids, youths, the young, the old,
Lured to the snare by the ring and glare and glamour of gay King Gold.

I have bought the earth with its own bright ore, all that it holds is mine--
I give it to you, my favourite few, feast of its corn and wine.
What Nature yields from mines and fields by you should be controlled,
For well you've wrought and filched and fought for the glory of old King Gold.

Draw round my shrine, disciples mine, there's room for many more,
Praise ye the giver of all good gifts--the God whom the wise adore ;
Over the earth let my endless worth and victories great be told,
Let cravens feel your crushing heel who worship not King Gold.

Who dares to ask if the aim is just that prompts ye to the fight ?
What matter if justice be not yours ?--right is the slave of might.
A truce to parley of Christian love--my standard bloody unfold !
Glittering spoil shall reward your toil, Strike home for your King--King Gold.

Pleasure and power shall be your dower honour your lives shall crown.
Wealth from a name can cleanse all shame, and purchase fair renown.
Though from the grave I cannot save, when you are stark and cold
A tomb I shall raise to win you praise for the glory of old King Gold.



From the Melbourne journal The Tocsin 22 Dec 1898 p. 7.


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