Australian Folk Songs

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Huon River (1939)
(By J. J. Oakford.)

High up in Western ranges,
Where dark skies often weep ;
Noble "Huon" springs to life
From "Edgar's Waters," deep.

Fed by eternal forces,
Of fathoms deep below;
The watershed of ages,
And winter fallen snow.

She sallies forth from darkness
Of land-locked mountain pond,
To bound in freedom's gladness;
Out to the world beyond.

And other kindred rivers
Are gathered to her flow,
As through the rugged ranges
Her swirling waters go.

On, and on, she travels,
Through gorges deep and black.
Past swaying ferns and bushes
Along the beaten track.

And now her turbid torrent
Pass stately gum and pine,
Which cast their shade o'er stream and glade,
Where wild flowers bloom and shine.

And smiling farms and homesteads,
Abound on either side.
As further on she rolls along
To meet the briny tide.

Now those rushing waters
Flow peaceful, calm, and still.
For she has made the better grade
By town of Huonville.

Still silent is she moving
Through vale of Apple Land,
With orchards wide outstretching
For miles on either hand.

Onward, ever onward,
She slowly wends her way,
And broader grows her bosom,
To short and winding bay.

All through forgotten ages,
Thus did her waters flow,
And future generations
Will watch them come and go.

Like hand of time extending,
They flow perpetually.
Replenish ever sending,
On, on, to destiny.
Fresh from "Lake Edgar" blending,
With salt of "Southern Sea."


From the Sydney journal Huon and Derwent Times 27 Apr 1939 p. 7.


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