Australian Folk Songs

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Valedictory Song
On leaving Scotland for Van Diemen's Land.

By H. N. Murray

Edina's towers a last adieu !
Dear haunts of bliss I'll ne'er review ;
Gay scenes, where long I learned to prove
The sweets of friendship,--joys of love !
Ah Scotia ! to each beauteous dell,
And mount of heath, I bid farewell ;
Each winding vale, and fruitful plain,
Each blooming nymph, and happy swain !
An exile from my native home,
I hie mid distant climes to roam,
And think of friends and kindred ties,
With tears, and agonizing sighs !
No longer may I fate bewail--
The light breeze swells the spreading sail ;
The destined vessel rides in view--
Dear land ! lov'd friends ! a last adieu !


Published in the Van Diemen's Land newspaper the Hobart Town Gazette and Van Diemen's Land Advertiser Friday 30 July 1824 p.3.


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