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"Bill Bowyang's" weekly column (1939)


I've travelled o'er the lonely track that leads to Gundagai,
O'er the track that leads to Heaven some day I'll maybe fly,
Of all the tracks I ever trod one I'll travel till I die.
'Tis "Bill Bowyang's" weekly column in the "Northern Register."

You read of barmaids with red hair who'll ever use a slate,
Of pots that ever are brimful you never have to wait,
Of horses who could throw their hides, of all roughriders great.
In "Bill Bowyang's' weekly column in the "Northern Register."

Some stories seem incredible, may be you think they're lies,
Yet "Bowyang" never told a yarn but straight as the crow flies.
Why one man skinned a million fleas and shore a thousand flies,
In "Bill Bowyang's" weekly column In the "Northern Register."

You read of Chummles and their ways, unquestionably true,
Of concoctions of some publicans that make your hair turn blue.
Of people old as "Bill" himself which e'en our grandsires knew.
In "Bill Bowyang's" weekly column in the "Northern Register."

But though the stories all are lies like characters "Bill" makes,
I'll ever wait the mailman's call to read "Bill Bowyang's" fakes,
I'll ever read the latest lies while breath "Bill Bowyang's" takes.
In "Bill Bowyang's" weekly column in the "Northern Register."

St. Lawrence BILLEYRE


From the Queensland Newspaper the Townsville Daily Bulletin 4 Oct 1939 p. 12.


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