Australian Folk Songs

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The Cocky's Lament (1929)

There's Aphis on the Cabbage,
There's Thrip among the Peas,
There's a Fruit Fly in the Orchard,
And Red Scale on the Trees.

The Cut Worm spoils the 'Taties,
The Weevil's in the Corn;
The Beetle spoils the Pumpkins,
And we are left forlorn.

So its Arsonic, Lime, and Sulphur,
Red Oil and Bluestone; come--
We'll have to spray like blazes,
Or lose our blooming home.

The Rabbits ate the Turnips,
The Cows have all gone dry;
The Pigs got in the Lucerne--
We fear they all will die.

So it's, Red Oil, Lime and Sulphur,
And pumping all the day;
So get your gear together,
And Spray--Spray--Spray!

For when the season's bountiful.
And we have lots to sell
Writes the Agent: "Market's glutted:
Take your loads of stuff to----!"


From the NSW Newspaper the Dungog Chronicle : Durham and Gloucester Advertiser Tue 23 Apr 1929 p. 1.


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