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Lines On My Return To The Meroo (1861)

Once more I behold nea'th the sunsetting light,
As he sinks midst his splendour of glory and might
When the last crimson tints, now lost to my view
And night casts its shade o'er the Rocky Meroo.

As I gazed on the spot were I once used to dwell,
In the rude but snug hut were I first caught the spell
Where the dash of thy waters as onward they flew,
Seem'd as wild plaintive music, thou Rocky Meroo.

But where is the sound which I once used to hear
The voice of the cradle was heard far and near,
All, all is now changed and desolate too,
Along the dark shores of the Rocky Meroo.

What numbers have left thee and I like the rest,
Have sought other Gold Fields to try for the best,
And miles have I rambled to find something new,
Yet I've longed for the old on the Rocky Meroo.

When weary and foot sore, with carrying my swag,
No funds in my pocket, no work to be had,
When faint and exhausted, and things have looked blue
How I wished I'd ne'er left thee, thou Rocky Meroo.

There are other spots which for richness may boast,
And those are the fields which are crowded the most,
And plenty I've seen there, without cent or screw,
Have wished themselves back on the Rocky Meroo.

Its not with the object of making a haul,
For the prospects of late are indeed very small
But 'tis for the friend who in need has proved true
That I cherish the name of the Rocky Meroo.

And yet I am tempted to try thee once more,
In hopes that dame fortune, my lot may deplore
And when next I'm forced to bid thee adieu
I'll leave thee for ever thou Rocky Meroo.

R. F. L. R.
Windeyer, August 26th, 1861.


From the NSW Newspaper the Bathurst Free Press and Mining Journal 11 Sep 1861 p. 2.


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