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Erin's Isle (1861)

Yes I'm weary 'mid the revel
In the stranger's land to-day
Not one dear voice of those I lov'd
All hushe -all pass'd away.

The aching breath of sadness wakes
With its deep yearning spell
The hour I breathed to Erin's isle
The whisper of farewell.

I strive to teach the longing heart
To rest in scenes I've met,
To press its weary throbbings down
And learn the word forget.

But softly some familiar air
Steals with it's soothing strain
I turn to dream of Erin's Isle
Of boyhood's days again.

Thou'rt distant now but still I cling
To thee my place of birth,
I've sought but ah-l've never found
A second home on earth.

The hopes which gave to life its worth
And brought the soul-lit smile
Now calmly sleep beneath the turf
Of Erin's sunny Isle. A.D.S.


From the Tasmanian Newpaper the Cornwall Chronicle 19 Jan 1861 p. 2.


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