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The Station Cook

The song I'm going to sing to you will not detain you long
It's all about a station cook we had at old Pinyong
His pastry was so beautiful his cooking was so fine
It gave us all a stomach-ache right through the shearing-time

Oh you should see his plum-duffs his doughboys and his pies
I swear by Long Maloney they'd open a shearer's eyes
He'd say take your time, good fellows and he'd fix us with a glance
Saying I'll dish you up much better if you'll give me half a chance

Oh you should his doughboys his dumplings and his pies
The thought of such luxuries would open a shearer's eyes
He gets up in the morning gives us plenty of stewed tea
And don't forget when shearing's done to sling the cook his fee

But oh dear! I feel so queer I don't know what to do
The thought of leaving Fowler's Bay just breaks my heart in two
But if ever I catch that slushy I'll make him rue the day
That he ruined my constitution while shearing at Fowler's Bay.


Printed in Stewart and Keesing Old Bush Songs with the note: "From Dr Percy Jones's collection". Sung to the same tune as 'Lachlan Tigers', a tune related to the Scottish song 'Musselburgh Fair'. Sally Sloane had a song, learnt from her step father, called 'Knickerbocker Line', which uses the same tune 'The Station Cook' is also known as 'Fowler's Bay'


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