Australian Folk Songs

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The Man From Jugiong

The man from Jugiong held the floor, and the talk veered around from
politics to bullock punching.

"Struth" he said, you blokes should have seen a thing that occurred our
way the other day. One of Mr. Osborne's teams was crossing spewy
pipe-clay ground with a load of timber when the vehicle sunk to the axles.

The bullocks made a game effort, but gradually became wrapped in the
pipe-clay until only their backs were visible. Chummy, bullocky's cattle
dog rushed to investigate, and was soon swallowed up, all but his bark.

The driver managed to get out by climbing his whip handle, and went and
got another team, which he hitched on, and out came the half-buried
bullocks with Chummy hanging on to the heel of a poler. Chummy always
was a good heeler.

"What became of the waggon?" asked a Gundagai sceptic.

"Oh, it is still in the pipe-clay, and will be dug out when fine weather comes,"
said 'the Jugioneer'.



From the NSW newspaper the Bathurst Daily Argus of Thursday 1 July 1909 p. 3.


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