Australian Folk Songs

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The Bullocky's Lament (1935)

A bullocky sat in the shade of a tree.
And he glared at his panting team.
With their heads depressed and foaming lips
Aflow in a dribble stream.

He stared aloft at the bales of wool,
At the wheels of the axle bogged,
And he spat on the ground, and he lowered his head,
And his eyes witn tears were clogged.

He'd used up every swear word known,
From Grong Grong out to Hay,
And teams men use in Parliament House
Had all been brought to play.

But never an inch those bales had moved,
And he cried, as he tore his hair,
"If I only could think of a blinkin' prayer,
I'd fetch her out, I'll swear."


From the NSW newspaper the Inverell Times Friday 8 November 1935, p. 9.


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