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Gosford Tribute in Verse (1934)

The following poem was published in the "S.M. Herald" of March 3: --

The road that comes to Gosford town
Runs recklessly away
Down steep sharp slants of mountainside
To Brisbane Water Bay.
Where white winged wand'rers dip and tack,
And leagues of glinting blue fade back
To shores of haunting grey.

The hills that smile on Gosford town
In pensive shade, or sheen,
Come stealing in from ranges far
In blue and many a green,
To hide a golden orange grove
Adown each vale like treasure trove,
Fast sheltered in between

The little town crowds down the glen,
And trading farm folk go,
The panting trains that speed beside
Breathe long trails, while like snow;
But, sweetheart mine, bush nooks are near,
Where lovers go and dusk winds cheer
With secrets whispered low.

I never see a haze a-dream
On hills that guard a sea,
But heart's voice tells of green-gold farms
That lie behind a lea !
I hear the brown-limbed children's song
From deep clear, pools bush ways along,
And clarion clear and tyrant strong
Comes Gosford's call to me.


"S.M. Herald," 3/3/34.

Mr. Wm. Ross, of Wyong, mentioning it in a letter to a friend makes this comment : "It is without any doubt the
finest thing ever penned about Gosford. Kendall could not have done better."


From the NSW Newpaper the Gosford Times and Wyong District Advocate 27 Mar 1934 p. 4.


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