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The Song of the Bullocky (1913)

I bought a slashing buitock team, down south the other day ;
Some wise old pards they told me I'd never make it pay ;
They think they know a thing or two, but blow me take this cue--
When you feed your blooming bullocks, just make them feed you too.

You want to get up early to beat me at this game ;
I ain't come here for nothing, I'm here to make a name ;
With these 'ere fourteen bullocks down here I'm going to stay,
And show you bullock punchers how this chap makes it pay.

I gets up pretty early while you chaps lay in bed
And dream of getting logs in--but I gets them in instead ;
The early bird will catch the worm, this kid learn't that at school,
so when you have your breakfast just put that in your gruel.

I always give my bullocks one good feed a day,
And one good feed and one good log is the proper thing I say ;
I don't keep these 'ere bullocks to get them rolling fat
While my poor stomach's empty, you see I ain't like that.

I never goes a-smelling round for any other job,
I always work my bullocks hard that's why I'm worth a bob ;
Just take advice from me old pard and stick just where you are,
And if you can't make brass down here, get off this blooming star.


From the NSW Newspaper the Ulladulla and Milton Times Sat 13 Dec 1913 p. 5.


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