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Success to the Union

Written, composed, and sung by Dr. St. Vincent at his entertainment at the various shearing sheds, 1896.

I'm a hard-working man, as you'll all plainly see,
And I'm proud of the title I bear,
But I can't say the same of some " bosses" I know,
For they don't seem to act on the square.
A decent day's pay for a decent day's work
Is all that we wish, I am sure,
And Labor and Capital go hand in hand,
And no one will want any more.

Then success to the Union, my boys, evermore,
For that's where our strength never fails ;
May Labor and Capital shake hands once more,
And that's all we want in New South Wales.

Our wages are low, and they're wretchedly poor,
In fact, they're so small I'm afraid
They forget that our labor's the mother of wealth,
And by it large fortunes are made.
Then masters should cherish the mother which gave
Them riches, which everyone likes,
And master and man should hit on a plan
To banish for ever all strikes.

Then success to the Union, &c.

The working man here is the prop of the land,
But he's not treated right all around ;
If the prop is not safe then success it must fail,
For she's bound to come down to the ground
There are always blacklegs in every trade,
And, of course, many troubles they bring ;
May they all go below on an old bullock-dray,
And take with them old Whiteley King.

Then success to the Union, &c.

Copies of music of the above song, may be had for 2s. in stamps.
Address, Dr. St. Vincent A.W.U. Office, Moree.
Proceeds will be given to the Worker Improvement Fund.


From the Wagga NSW newspaper the Worker Saturday 19 September 1896 p. 2.


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