Australian Folk Songs

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The Call of the North

Oh! the western wind is blowing--
So there's rain and cold in store,
And the teams have long been going
Down the road to Mullewa:
To where tropic sun is gleaming
And the fragrant winds blow free;
I've awakened from my dreaming,
And the North is calling me.

Oh! the steam is in the boiler
In the engine-room below,  
And upon the board each toiler
Waits to hear the whistle blow:
For the shearing is beginning,
And my heart is fancy free,
And the friction wheels are spinning,
And the North is calling me.

Arid so Northward I am going,
For I cannot linger here,
For the starting whistle's blowing,
And the 'guns' are into gear:
So to be there I am yearning,
I will hail the sheds with glee,
For the money wheels are turning,
And the North is calling me.


From the Western Australian newspaper the Bunbury Herald and Blackwood Express Friday 14 June 1929

Jack Sorensen, Maida Vale.

Jack Sorensen was born in Western Australia, a second generation Australian of Danish, Irish and English heritage. He began his working life as an orchardist on his family's property in Maida Vale, Perth, and then worked as a shearer on stations in the Murchison, Gascoyne and Kimberleys. In 1936 he returned to Perth and began work as a representative of the United Press, travelling throughout Western Australia.


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