Australian Folk Songs

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The Land For The People (1893)

Ye men of Australia, to you I appeal !
I hope not in vain, for I'm sure you must feel,
That the time has arrived when we need to be strong--
Then rush to the standard, and help us along.

Oh ! help us along in our fight for reform ;
'Tho' a poor "Band of Workers," we've deeds to perform.
In unlocking the lands and assisting the poor.
To redress all the wrongs they've been forced to endure.

For here in Australia are thousands who toil,
Being robbed of their birthright--a share of the soil.
All houseless and homeless must aimlessly roam,
Then let us endeavour to get them a home.

Yes, give them a home, for 'tis their's as a right,
Which has long been withheld by the power and might
Of corrupt legislators, and the opulent few,
Who never yet gave to the workers their due.

But they treat them like slaves, and the money they earn,
Is absorbed by taxation at every turn ;
And thousands must work, so that one wealthy drone,
Gets richer on profits not justly his own.

But the flag of the masses is waving on high,
The " Land for the People !" their watch-word and cry.
Then, men of Australia, arise in your might,
If you wish for reforms you must join in the fight.

Pat. Carroll.

Humula, August 6th.


From the Wagga Newspaper the Worker Saturday 26 August 1893 p. 3.


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