Australian Folk Songs

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Unsweetened (1923)
(Sent in by Algie Payne.)

Please give me some sugar, sir,
To mingle with my tea,
Which isn't very nice unsweetened, sir,
Now surely you'll agree.

All day I've called the grocer
Such hard, offensive names,
But always, with a cheerful smile,
The C.S.R. he blames.

Please, give me some sugar, sir,
You won't say no to me,
For I'm a humble housewife, sir,
And love, my cup of tea.

You've told me tales of Java,
And yarns of Queensland drought,
And Mr. Hughes and Mr. Hall,
You've snubbed and counted out.

But please give me some sugar, sir,
To rub on baby's gums ;
A pinch will be sufficient, sir--
He'll howl until it comes.

O, listen to any pleading,
And stop the baby's roar,
And blessings brought from Heaven
Will shine on you the more.

Please give me some sugar, sir,
Though I'm of poor degree ;
The commission made you angry, sir,
But please don't punish me.


From the NSW newspaper The Albury Banner and Wodonga Express 12 Oct 1923 p. 13.


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