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Dandy Dick the Drover (1898)

He'd whips o' style and lots o' cheek
Had Dandy Dick the drover,
From Gippsland out to Spencer's Creek
He brought the jumbucks over;
And Dick was always free to swear
He'd fetch a mob from anywhere,
And land 'em safe, with some to spare,
Would Dandy Dick the drover!

The overseers, they looked askew
On Dandy Dick the drover,
And watched the run, when he went through,
As though it were sown in clover;
No odds if grass was scarce or not
When Dick went through with his big lot
The further he went the more he got,
Did Dandy Dick the drover!

He counted in the cutest way
Did Dandy Dick the drover,
An Oxford man, they used to say,
Ere he became a rover.
And mathematics was his pride,
The toughest problems he untied
And always erred the safest side
Did Dandy Dick the drover!


From the New South Wales newspaper the The Richmond River Herald and Northern Districts Advertiser Friday 8 April 1898 p. 2.


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