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Song of the Strike

Come, all you brave miners, and listen,
Attend for a moment to me,
While tears in my eyes sadly glisten
Such monstrous oppression to see.
The masters against us united,
But longer we'll not be supine,
At their threats we will not be affrighted,
Ye brave lads of Tees, Wear, and Tyne.

We have laboured in servile debasement,
For ten years we carried the yoke ;
And the thought fills my mind with amazement,
That we've patiently suffered the stroke.
But the voice of fair freedom inviting
Bids the day-star of union shine ;
Then around her gay standard uniting,
We'll crowd, lads of Tees, Wear, and Tyne.

Remorseless, our rights they have taken,  
Every shadow of justice denied ;
Like tyrants, their hearts are unshaken,
Oppression is brother to Pride.
But our fetters, that too long have bound us,
We'll scatter like billowy brine ;
For our union with courage hath crowned us,
Brave lads of Tees, Wear, and Tyne.

Let friendship and peace ever guide us,  
Our hearts will be free of all fear ;
To our leaders, whatever betide us,
Let us cheerfully, firmly adhere
To our brethren in want let us render  
Assistance, and never repine ;
Then heaven will be our defender,
Brave lads of Tees, Wear, and Tyne.  

Let us patiently move, persevering,
For, soon will the struggle be o'er,
Our masters will see it appearing,
And conscience will trouble them sore.
Be firm, ever watchful, united,
And never your efforts resign :
Then freedom shall meet you delighted,
Brave lads of the Tees, Wear, and Tyne.

Ye miners of England combining
With Ireland, with Scotland and Wales ;
Success to the bond of your joining,
Success fill the breadth of your sails,
Let us stand for our right like the heroes
That battled in days o' lang syne,  
And the goddess of conquest will cheer as,
Brave lads of the Tees, Wear, and Tyne.

T. M., Hobson Colliery.

The collieries on strike at Derby Main Colliery, near Rotherham, have
agreed with the masters to refer their complaints to arbitration.


From the Newastle NSW newspaper the Miners' Advocate and Northumberland Recorder Saturday 28 August 1874 p. 4.


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