Australian Folk Songs

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Songs of an Exile.--(No. 2.)(1838)
Adapted to the music of 'I stood among the glittering throng'.

SHE WAS--yet have I oft denied,
Veiling the secret in my heart,
SHE WAS my dearest--my pride ;
For whose those bitter tear drops start.

Now happy voices fill mine ear,
And dancing footsteps timing around--
Yet hers amid them all I hear !
A sound of music from the ground.

Still, MY lorn spirit, seeks the clay,
Where her young limbs in darkness rest--
While her's, in light of endless day,
Reposes on a Saviour's brest.

Penrith. E.H. DUNLOP.


From the Hobart newspaper Bent's News and Tasmanian Register 21 Dec 1838, p.4.


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