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Bar Song (1927)

High lift the strong light arm,
Sink me a pewter !
Joy and goodwill, come charm,
Old gloom-refuter

Rattle the cash-machine,
Ring up a zack;
My pint pot's emptied clean--
Fetch it tull back.

Lift me, thou liquid wings,
Out of Life's rut!
Pass me those silver things--
One gingernut !

Down on the bar !
Hark, how the florins clink
"What! Are you off the drink?
Have a cigar !"

Come, fill 'em up again,
Pass me the cheese,
"Six o'clock, gentlemen,
All out please !"


From the Adelaide newspaper Sport 21 Oct 1927 p. 9.

Perhaps this song evokes the heady years before the 1929 "Great Crash" that ushered in the 1930s "Great Depression".


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