Australian Folk Songs

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A Droving Lay (1919)

The cattle are coming into the works,
The bullock, the stag, and the cow.
The cattle are stringing, the drovers are singing,
But I wonder where Barry is now.

It don't seem the same as it did last year--
When Jack came ahead with the lead,
As he came on ahead surveying the route
While his bullocks were back on the feed.

His heart was light, for his bullocks were fat,
But there were lines of care on his brow,
The drovers this year are following his track.
But I wonder where Barry is now.

Perhaps he has gone to the celestial shore,
Where saints in their glory do dwell.
If they won't let him in, I will bet six to four
That he will open a new track to hell.


From the Darwin Newspaper the Northern Territory Times and Gazette 17 May 1919 p. 6.


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